Please remember, we are not holding class this week.

I will be in my office if you have any questions or concerns you need me to address.

Also, as you are putting together your end of semester portfolios and you find that you are missing any of your graded work, please stop by my office to pick it up.


Objective Summary

Evaluative Summary

Critical Analysis

Group Project Review Essay

See you all in class on Monday, May 7th @10:00AM for turn-in and our end of semester movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes!

Feel free to bring whatever you’d like to make yourselves comfortable!


The Last Assignments You Will Ever Do… For This Class

  • Your final assignment for this class will be a Personal Reflection Narrative and E-Portfolio that you will post as your final blog post, which will be titled “ENGL 104 WRITING PORTFOLIO.

You will be analyzing your writing and personal writing process, with a focus on how you have grown and developed this semester.  The narrative will address 3 separate issues, each with their own focus.

This narrative will be followed by the attachment of 2 of your strongest essays from this semester

Reflection and Eportfolio Prompt

Reflection and Eportfolio Prompt PDF


Points Available: 100pts

Due Date: This assignment MUST be completed by MIDNIGHT prior to our final exam time. To turn it in you need to email me a link to your Personal Blog/Eportfolio by the assigned time. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to post by Midnight will result in 50% grade reduction.


  • You must also submit a Hard Copy Portfolio in a clean folder on our Final Exam Day (Monday, May 7th @10:00AM)

Labeled with:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Z-ID
  3. ENGL 104 McCORD

The Folder MUST include:

Left Hand Pocket

  1. The Graded Copies of EVERY Written Assignment
  2. Rough Draft of Your Research Paper (w/ peer comments)

Right Hand Pocket

  1. A Hard Copy of Your Reflection Essay and Introductions
  2. Your 2 Revised Essays
  3. The Final Draft of Your Research Paper



Regarding the Thursday Conferences:

There has been a scheduling error. It turns out that I have a professional development meeting from 12:30-1:30 on Thursday afternoon. If you are scheduled during this time I will be free for rescheduling your conferences between 11:00-11:45 and from 2:00-5:00. Please email me to let me know when you would like to reschedule.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

Abstract Example

Attached to this post is an example of what an “Abstract” looks like.

An Abstract is essentially a (very) brie summary of your overall paper, it’s meant  to sell your work to the readers. You should show off the best and most interesting aspects or your argument. Keep length in mind, do not try to exceed 115 words.


The following example is the abstract used to describe a 50 page literacy analysis.


In-Class Project Review Essay

Now that you have completed the group portion of your research I ask that you give me your personal review of the project process.

In a 5 paragraph essay (to be completed in class today… you have 50 minutes) I want you to address the following areas:


How you felt about your topic

  • your personal interest
  • your interest in your solution
  • how “heard” you felt when your group was discussing decision on topic and solution

How you felt about the research process

  • what kind of information was available
  • was there enough information available and how accessible was the information

How you felt about your group

  • how you worked together
  • how organized you were
  • how you divided the workload
  • did everyone pull their weight

How you felt about the project in general

  • is this a useful project
  • was it fun
  • what did you learn from working in a group
  • how could I change the project in the future to make it better and more useful


This Review Essay is worth 50 points and contributes to your overall project grade. Please keep in mind all the standards of essay composition that I set for all your assignments.

Defending Your Topic

Defending Your Topic

Meet with your group for five minutes and prepare a 3-5 minute pitch which you will deliver to the class.

Your “Pitch” must address the following:

A: a What Question and a Why Question (Ex: What is your problem? Why is it important? What is your solution? Why is this the best solution?)

B: a Who Question and Why Question (Ex: Who does this problem affect? Who is your desired audience? Why target them?)

C: a When Question and a How Question (Ex: When did this become a problem? How did it become a problem? When would you like to implement your solution? How  would you convince people to implement it?)

D: a Where Question and a How Question (Ex: Where are you focusing your attention? How do you do this?)


2-3 minutes of group feedback per group

Allow the group to ask the class’ opinion.