The Last Assignments You Will Ever Do… For This Class

  • Your final assignment for this class will be a Personal Reflection Narrative and E-Portfolio that you will post as your final blog post, which will be titled “ENGL 104 WRITING PORTFOLIO.

You will be analyzing your writing and personal writing process, with a focus on how you have grown and developed this semester.  The narrative will address 3 separate issues, each with their own focus.

This narrative will be followed by the attachment of 2 of your strongest essays from this semester

Reflection and Eportfolio Prompt

Reflection and Eportfolio Prompt PDF


Points Available: 100pts

Due Date: This assignment MUST be completed by MIDNIGHT prior to our final exam time. To turn it in you need to email me a link to your Personal Blog/Eportfolio by the assigned time. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to post by Midnight will result in 50% grade reduction.


  • You must also submit a Hard Copy Portfolio in a clean folder on our Final Exam Day (Monday, May 7th @10:00AM)

Labeled with:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Z-ID
  3. ENGL 104 McCORD

The Folder MUST include:

Left Hand Pocket

  1. The Graded Copies of EVERY Written Assignment
  2. Rough Draft of Your Research Paper (w/ peer comments)

Right Hand Pocket

  1. A Hard Copy of Your Reflection Essay and Introductions
  2. Your 2 Revised Essays
  3. The Final Draft of Your Research Paper



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