In-Class Project Review Essay

Now that you have completed the group portion of your research I ask that you give me your personal review of the project process.

In a 5 paragraph essay (to be completed in class today… you have 50 minutes) I want you to address the following areas:


How you felt about your topic

  • your personal interest
  • your interest in your solution
  • how “heard” you felt when your group was discussing decision on topic and solution

How you felt about the research process

  • what kind of information was available
  • was there enough information available and how accessible was the information

How you felt about your group

  • how you worked together
  • how organized you were
  • how you divided the workload
  • did everyone pull their weight

How you felt about the project in general

  • is this a useful project
  • was it fun
  • what did you learn from working in a group
  • how could I change the project in the future to make it better and more useful


This Review Essay is worth 50 points and contributes to your overall project grade. Please keep in mind all the standards of essay composition that I set for all your assignments.


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