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There is no class tomorrow: Friday, March 30, 2012.


Showcase Presentation TriFold Template

I have attached a template for you trifold poster (if you choose to use one).


I encourage each of you to print this out and sketch a rough draft of what you’d like your poster to look like.

Share with your group, evaluate and discuss each other’s work, and together decide what would best convey your argument and message.

showcase template

In Class Research Showcase Presentation Prompts

A substantial portion of your final grade in this course comes from your ability to present and communicate arguments and information in various venues and mediums. The”In-Class Research Showcase” allows you the chance to share your work with your classmates and get immediate feedback on your research topics (as well as giving you the chance to earn25 extra credit points for the winners of the showcase), before you write your individual research papers.


Presentation Prompt

Showcase Presentation Prompt Word Doc

Showcase Presentation Prompt PDF

Annotated Bibliography Prompt

Annotated Bibliography Prompt Word Doc

Annotated Bibliography Prompt PDF

Lab Activity for Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

In class, on Monday, we discussed “Web Credibility.” We talked about what makes us trust a source, and what are some red flags that tell us a source might not be reliable.

Today, I want you (and a partner if you choose) to put your evaluation skills into practice.

I ask that you:

  • Choose a topic (It can be related to your group project, your personal blog, or anything you’re really interested in)
  • Find FIVE Websites and use the checklist I showed you in class to evaluate whether or not they’re good sources.

Credibility Checklist

After you’ve calculated its credibility number


For Each Site Include:

  • The Website name and Address
  • The Credibility Number

Write a description of each site’s:

  • Appearance
  • Tone
  • Usefulness
  • and at least FOUR signs that indicates its credibility–or lack thereof.


When you have finished this put your name(s) on the doc. print it, and turn it in.

Research Project Proposal

Your Proposal Must Address:


A Problem: Clearly define an issue that concerns you and your group-mates. This issue should be grounded in some sort of research you have done (EX: The STI statistics used in our example).  Address why it is a major concern to you and your group-mates

A Hypothesized Cause of the Problem: Use your own logical reasoning skills, as well as research, to make an educated guess as to why your chosen problem occurs.

Your Proposed Solution: Devise a plan of action that you can take to solve this problem, this will be the basis for your argument in your research presentation and your individual research papers. Explain why this is the best way to address the issue, what other methods have failed and why you think that is, and how yours is different.

You Must Include

                The Names and Contact Info of all Group Members

                A Proposed Schedule of Meetings You Plan on Having

                A Sampling of Research Materials (3-4 sources)

                A Proposed Breakdown of Responsibilities


All of this MUST be included in your Project Proposal, which you will turn in at your group conference next week