Argument Scenarios

Last week you read the “An Accusation of Sexual Harassment at John Adams High School” and used that as a jumping off point for the mock mediation in class.

This week you will be breaking into GROUPS OF THREE and choosing from the following “Argument Clusters” to use as the basis for your own Scenarios–which you will write, rehearse and perform in class.

This project is meant as a hands on exercise in identifying, defining, and explaining an argument that occurs in the world you live in. You will be asked to produce:

  • a written scenario like the short “An Accusation of Sexual Harassment at John Adams High School” based on the debate presented in your article  cluster. It must be 2 pages double spaced. Make sure both sides of the debate are clearly represented in your hypothetical situation, also include a neutral third side (like a judge or the school board in our large group exercise).
  • a script scene that follows the action of the scenario (like our mock mediation) that is based on a complication that arises from your scenario.
  • a well prepared performance of this script in class on Friday, February 24th.

This assignment will be graded on:

  • How clear and thorough your presentation is
  • How complete your presentation
  • Creativity and Originality
  • Teamwork and participation (like all group activities in this class attitude and commitment are CRUCIAL to success)

Once you choose your group please choose from one of the THREE Article Clusters, which everyone in your group must read and take note on for Wednesday’s class where you will begin putting your presentation together.

Parenting Styles

“Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”

“Developing Your Child’s Self Esteem”





“Polygamy is Harmful to Society”

“Why Polygamy is Good for Women” 


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