Blog Prompt #2 Identifying an Argument

In your last blog I asked that you chose and introduce the topic of your overall blog for the semester. You were to explain what your over-reaching topic is and why it’s important to you. This week’s prompt asks that you dig a little deeper into your topic.

I ask that you take this week to do some online research on your topic, look at articles, related blogs, websites and forums and find ONE interesting argument/debate that is going on related to your topic.

In your blog you will (in 250-500 words):

  • Describe the argument-what is it about, where did it come from, what are the opposing sides.
  • What are the opposing sides saying on the topic? What are their arguments for their position? What type of rhetorical appeals are they using? Which side seems to have more support?
  • Is there a middle ground being proposed? What is it? Does it have any support?
  • Identify what kind of argument it is? Is it personal? emotional? research based? friendly? How does the argument style affect the success of the respective sides?

Make sure to cite/reference the places from which you get your information.

This blog will be due: 11:59 PM Friday, February 17, 2012


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