Lab Activity 2/8/12

I ask that you use today as a workshop day. I asked that you re-read your article on Monday and you will use this lab to begin prewriting

your essay. You may work with ONE other person who is writing on your article–if you wish.

In a new Word Document do the following:

Step One:

Identify your author’s argument (What is he/she trying to do, what is he/she trying to convince people of?)

Step Two:

Make two lists, 1)Evidence you find effective 2)Evidence you find ineffective

Step Three:

Make two more lists, 1)Points you agree with, 2)Points you disagree with

Step Four:

Formulate an argument (I feel [Author X] presents an effective/ineffective argument) and choose three elements supporting your  argument (these will become your body paragraphs and the cornerstones of your essay).


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