Critical Analysis Prompt and Readings

This Week’s assignment, again, expands on the skills we have been working in class and in your assignments I ask that you read the following FIVE articles for class on Monday. After reading the article I ask that you select ONE article to write a critical analysis that conforms to the standards we discuss in class as well as the standards that appear in the assignment prompt attached to this post.


“What’s Wrong With Cinderella?” by: Peggy Orenstein

“Occupy Wall Street: A Generation of 20-Somethings Airs Its Grievances, Its Frustrations” by:Amanda M. Fairbanks

“Is It Just Us, Or Are Kids Getting Really Stupid” by: Sandy Hingston

“Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” by: Amy Chua

“How to Raise Boys That Read” by Thomas Spence


Assignment Prompt

critical analysis word doc

critical analysis pdf


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