Getting Started…

Welcome to your first ENGL 104 Lab Day!

Today you will be required to create a account, and set up the personal blog you will be using for the remainder of the semester.

During this lab period please take your time to choose an appropriate username, blog topic and blog title. Once you have completed those steps, you have the rest of the class to explore. Get used to the functions and commands of the website, personalize the look and feel of your blog (the visual appearance should reflect the personality you want to represent you and your topic), subscribe to “Compose Yourself…” ( and leave a comment on this post  so that you can begin subscribing to your classmates’ blogs as well.

If you finish all of this before class lets you should explore some of the other blogs in the WordPress community.

Reminder: These blogs are public, keep this in mind whenever you post—always be aware that you have an audience.


Blog Post #1


Now that you have set up and personalized your own blog, your first assignment is to introduce yourself and your topic to the world wide web as well as your classmates your classmates.

In this post you have the freedom to create the online/classroom persona you want your classmates (as well as the WordPress community) to know. Are you funny? driven? athletic? artistic? What do you care about? Why is your topic important to you, and why should others care about it Use the words in your arsenal (the WHOLE English language) to create a dynamic and engaging online personality for your blog.


-Include your basic information (Name, program of study, Institution, etc.)

-Use casual, everyday language—any style that best represents you as a personality

-It should be at least 250 words in length.

-You may include videos or images (but aren’t required to share personal photos) that help enhance your introduction.

DUE DATE: Wednesday, February 1st by 11:59PM.


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