Welcome to ENGL 104!

As one of this course’s main goals is to prepare you to be comfortable and confident presenting yourself and your beliefs in various writing situations, it is important to offer you the opportunity to begin establishing an “Online Presence,” and give you a structured environment to practice maintaining a public persona. You will be creating your own WordPress Blog in our first lab class, and will continue to use it throughout the semester as a primary online environment. This Blog will serve as the class’ online presence. Here you will be able to find:



-Assignment Prompts

-Weekly Blog Prompts

-Extra Credit Opportunities

-Class and Writing Resources

-FAQs Answered

and more.

I ask that you bookmark/subscribe to “Compose Yourself 104.” I will be updating it frequently and it will provide you with information vital to success in the classroom. It is in your best interested to check this site two to three times a week.

In this post I have included an electronic copy of the syllabus you received in class, this way you will always have access to our classroom policies and practices.




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